Friday, 5 May 2017

Every Person is Important…

1 May celebrated world over in different manners was celebrated differently in Royal Global University too. Students and Management of Royal Global School(RGS) and Royal Global University(RGU) came together to appreciate and give salutations to the hard work and sincerity put in by the Support Staff in making this Royal Knowledge Park, a movement.
A cultural  program was organized on the 1st of May, 2017 by the members of the support staff showcasing their talents along with the students of RGU and RGS.  Drivers, Helpers, Peons, Child Care givers, Housekeepers and Technicians danced, sang and were given appreciation certificates for their devoted and unwavering assistance, without whom, nothing can function well. Through this program gratitude to the support staff was expressed for their invaluable help. Mrs. Anubha Goyal, the Principal of Royal Global School, addressed the gathering and conveyed her heartfelt appreciation. She acknowledged them and observed that the Drivers, Helpers, Peons, Child Care givers, Housekeepers and Technicians were like the clogs of a giant wheel without whom it would be difficult to run any institution. She also thanked the Management for coming up with this novel idea of celebrating Labour Day.

Prof (Dr.) S.P. Singh, Vice Chancellor, Royal Global University and Senior Vice President of Gyan Sagar Foundation stressed on the importance of dignity of labour and how they strive all day long to make our lives easier without us having the time to acknowledge their hard work. May Day celebrations is indeed the best way to convey gratitude for their hard work.

Shri A.K Pansari , Chairman of  Royal Global School and Chancellor of  Royal Global University in his speech highly appreciated the efforts of the Support Staff for the smooth functioning of the institutions. He further introduced a welfare fund for the helpers which will relieve them of their monetary burden in case of utmost emergency. And most importantly, he stressed that Every Person is Important and no job is small or big! Just as India was moving away from the culture of  ‘Very Important Person’ to ‘Every Person is Important’, Royal Knowledge Park celebrates this dictum for the second time.

This was followed by the distribution of Appreciation Awards to some of the Support Staff of both the institutions in recognition of their efficiency and persistence all throughout the year. A citation and a cash award were handed over to the awardees.

A day when Dignity of Labour is celebrated at Royal Knowledge Park where showing 'Gratitude is the new Attitude'.


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