Monday, 10 April 2017

Consensio'17 concluded!

Consensio’17-The Festival Of Dreams Comes To an End

Guwahati, 12th Feb 2017: Royal Global University was launched amidst thousands of students and parents assembled to watch the last day of the festival of dreams-Consensio’17, live with Sunidhi Chauhan. The pulsating atmosphere added to the much awaited University launch as the Prospectus was unveiled.

Royal Global University (RGU) with its 13 different schools was established for students to avail excellent opportunities of study to excel in their chosen field.  The student’s response has been overwhelming and RGU shall herald in a new era in education, with 15 years of experience, 25 acres of plush green atmosphere with over 200 faculties drawn from elite institutions and best facilities.

Consensio’17-The festival of dreams, came to a close with Sunidhi Chaudhan rendering mixed melodious numbers. Her non-stop renditions for more than 3 hours had the crowd wanting more, for she sang for all. The second day of Consensio’17 saw ‘Sunburn’ campus, Olly Esse and Progressive Brothers being joined by the young crowd of Northeast in thousands. Though being a foreigner, Olly Esse paid her tributes to the Tricolour at the end, which gave an adrenalin rush to the young vibrant crowd. Coke Studio reminded us that we all can pursue dreams, if, we are focused in our passion of the arts or studies.

All competitions came to an end and colleges and Universities that took part left with a promise to be back next year, bigger and better.

The Technical-management-cultural events saw new promises in students with different technical know-how, cultural inputs on dying art forms and management skills to take on the world.

“Baba Ramdev at Royal Global University”

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